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Vignan's Institute of Info. Tech.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

AJWT Unit 6,7

AJWT Important Questions

Unit -5:

1. a) Explain the core interface provided in javax.servlet package.
b) How to handle HTTP requests and responses. for get method
2. a) Explain the core interface provided in javax.servlet.http package.
b) How to handle HTTP requests and responses for post method
3. Discuss the following. (a) Tomcat web server (b) Servlet (c) Cookies (d) Session tracking.
4. Discuss the use of cookie. Develop and explain a servlet that illustrate the use of cookies.
Unit -6:
1. Write a sample JSP to display a hello message
2. Explain Various tags of a JSP
3. Explain MVC design patterns
4. Explain the use bean tags of JSP
5. Explain the STRUTS frame work with example
Unit -7:
1. Write a sample java program to connect to mysql database
2. What is a data base driver ? Explain various types of drivers in detail?
3. Write php program to fetch the student record from student database ?
4. Explain in detail JAVAX.SQL.* package
1. Write a technical note on (a) SOAP B) WSDL
2. Write a technical note a) UDDI (b) CGI
3. Explain in detail about AJAX with an example program
4. Explain the usage of XML and PHP with AJAX with illustrations

Friday, 11 April 2014

IISc CSA Summer School 2014

Indian Institute of Science is conducting a Summer School (June 23-28,
2014) for students completing 3rd year of their undergraduate degree. We
invite eligible students to apply and request you to spread the word to
your friends and other students at your institution.

For more information, please take a look at  :

About the Summer School:
The main aim of the summer school is to introduce undergraduate students
to cutting-edge research in computer science. The summer school contains
talks, demos, and hands-on sessions by the department faculty, research
scholars and industry experts, covering theoretical and applied aspects of
computer science. Participating students get an opportunity to interact
with students and faculty in the department and get exposed to a whole new
range of exciting topics relating to computer science research.

Application Process:
Students can send their details (including a statement of purpose and
their academic credentials) by applying before 31st April through the

Look at our FAQ section for answers to common questions :

We are excited about this initiative and are looking forward to applicants
 from your institution this summer !

Warm Regards,
Summer School 2014 Organizers,

UNIX Lab Manual

UNIX lab Manual ->click here

Saturday, 1 March 2014

MS important questions

Unit 1
     All topics

     Principles of management,work study.

Unit 3
     All topics

Unit 4
     Pert,cpm,critical path,network diagrams.

NOTE: MS materials are also available in the blog...check previous posts